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November 15 2014

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...moja WARSZAWA.
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July 19 2014

Dworzec Gdański.

June 26 2014

Tabliczka na Odolanach.
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May 30 2014

Ul. Francuska.

May 28 2014

Most Świętokrzyski.

May 15 2014

Warszawa Centralna.
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May 08 2014

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Plac Zbawiciela.
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April 26 2014

Ul. Słowackiego.

April 25 2014

Plac Wilsona.
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April 24 2014

Plac na Rozdrożu.
Al. Krakowska.
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Most Świętokrzyski.
Ul. 1 Sierpnia.
Ul. Piwna.

April 22 2014

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...moja Warszawa.
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April 02 2014

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...Żelazna ....moje miasto kontrastów.
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March 31 2014

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Pałac Kultury i Nauki.
Park Fontann.
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